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Welcome to our school website!

A very warm welcome to all visitors of this site! Chapel Haddlesey is a village school in a beautiful area of North Yorkshire. Most children come from the village but many come from neighbouring villages or as far off as Selby. Though a small school, our numbers are set to rise over the next few years which makes the school's future secure. As a Church of England School, we welcome all children and families from all backgrounds and all faiths and none. We value the contribution made by every member of the school community, whether it is academic, sport, art or music; each child has their particular gift and it is for us to nurture those gifts alongside their academic development. We work hard to educate the whole child in their academic, spiritual and social development. Ofsted found that the children are proud of the school and that the older children behaved very well and set a good example; the Diocesan inspector remarked on "…the very good behaviour of the children and the warm family atmosphere of togetherness."


With our motto of "Loving Life, Loving Learning, Loving God" we hope the children leave our care at the end of year 6 as happy confident, individuals who know their own strengths in and out of the classroom; we want them to be curious and capable learners to find out all about the world we live in and its peoples; and we want all the children to appreciate the beauty of the world and their place in it through the "…distinctive Christian character [which] is good at meeting the needs of all learners" (Statutory Inspection of Anglican Schools Report April 2011). 




We follow the new National Curriculum and Early Years Curriculum, which are statutory, and the North Yorkshire Agreed Syllabus for RE.  To ensure the children have a rich educational experience, we employ sports coaches to deliver top quality games, and make full use of all the staff strengths which include a qualified sports coach, French speaker, cookery expert and a science specialist as well as drawing on other interests of art, bird watching, history and needlework.  The cross curricular approach to learning engages the children in meaningful experiences where they draw links across the curriculum and develop skills of enquiry and communication as well as knowledge. Certain subjects that do not lend themselves to a cross curricular approach e.g. maths and some PE, are given discrete lesson time to teach their specific skills.

Find out more about our curriculum by licking the link below

How Our Curriculum is Taught - December 2015.docx 


In the library we have a modern online system that keeps a catalogue of our books and helps us keep up to date; the children borrow books and their loans are all recorded so we have a record of each child's reading. The Junior Librarian also has a facility for the children to write and share book reviews, and suggest additions to the library. It helps with their researches by collecting together useful websites added by the staff so that web searches can be more fruitful for the children. In conjunction with loans from the North Yorkshire Library, we can ensure our book stocks are up to date and child friendly.

Community Links

We have a breakfast club for the children commencing at 8.00 a.m. which is patronised by many parents, but can be used on a casual basis if needs be. On Fridays, the parents can join the children for a cooked breakfast and a cup of tea, and it is a good time to meet the staff and other parents informally.

The children have the final Collective Worship of every term in the church of St John the Baptist in the village led by the priest in charge Reverend Burr. She also leads a fortnightly collective worship in school. The children join in with parish events such as Harvest Festival and Christingle.

The children's families are also encouraged to join us at sports days and the school play; again, we invite the Chatatots families to join us as they may not have children already at the school.

The PTA (CHAPS) work tirelessly to raise funds for school and promote the school in the community. We are fortunate to have such energetic and imaginative parents who organise fairs and car boot sales, beetle drives and quiz nights that are well attended by the families and others in the village.

Should you wish to make appointment to visit the school, please contact us on 01757 270282.


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